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Editorial Policy

Tasks and Responsibilities

JOCCH has a very broad focus. Being an interdisciplinary journal, the number of topics of the potential submissions is much larger than a single Editor-in-Chief could master through personal experience alone. The Editorial Board plays a crucial role in the management of ACM JOCCH. From the beginning all board members have been asked to serve as Associate Editors (AE) responsible for acquiring and seeing papers through the peer-review process. With our goal of increasing the quality and number of submissions, the workload of the board should consequently grow.

The manuscript submission and peer-review process is organized as follows:

  1. Submitted papers are checked by the journal admin and Information Director and then assigned to the EIC.
  2. The EIC will make the first assessment of the paper, taking the immediate decision to reject without review, or assigning it to a selected AE. The assignment will be based on the scientific background and experience of the individual AE, but will also comply with the JOCCH conflict of interest policy, as well as the existing AE workload.
  3. The selected AE will take an active role in the review process: promptly selecting anonymous reviewers; shepherding the reviewers through the process to ensure a fast revision cycle; and, finally, submitting a suggested decision to the EIC. Please note: It is journal policy to secure at least three informative reviews, with four reviews being the usual number.
  4. The EIC will take the final decision on each submission.

JOCCH uses ScholarOne’s Manuscript Central manuscript submission and peer-review system to support the various steps in the reviewing pipeline, from submission to final decision.


Due to the workload of board members acting as AEs, and also to have a continuous stream of new and excellent researchers on the board, board membership is limited to three years.
Since we want to ensure some continuity in the management of the journal and a smooth transition from term-to-term, the board is renewed in two sessions. This means that every 18 months, 50% of the editorial board is exchanged.

Nomination process

The EIC, considering also possible input from the AEs, will select potential new board candidates for consideration.

Criteria for inclusion in this candidate list will be scientific visibility and relevant scientific fields and accomplishments. Additional criteria might also include past journal management experience and a good record of participation as a JOCCH reviewer. The EIC will also to take into account the nationalities of potential new board members, to achieve broad international representation.

The EIC will invite the selected candidates to join the JOCCH Editorial Board.

More information on ACM publications can be found at this ACM web site, including policies on copyrights.

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